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SCI Goats can have 1, 2 or 3 kids.  They have even been known to have 4!  They make great mothers and many have supernumerary teats.

Officially recognized SCI Colors are:  Deep Red, Red, Tan, Amber, Auburn & Mahongany.  See photo examples at IDGR's website

SCI teats can vary greatly.  They can be Single, Fish Tail, Spur and many have extra teats.

MBF Julliard.jpg

SCI Goats are a true medium size goat.

SCI Patterns consist of:  Traditional SCI Pattern, Chamoise (Diluted SCI), Frosting on Nose/Ears, & White Spots.  See photo examples at IDGR's website

Broadway Ranch Holly.jpg

SCI Goats are very deer-like and fine-boned.  They can be very parasite-resistant as well.

SCI horns are generally described in one of these ways:  Low back with tight twists outward, Smooth curve backwards, Very high outward twist at tips, & Very high with slight outward twist.  See photo examples at IDGR's website.

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