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What is a San Clemente Island Goat?

San Clemente Island goats were found on San Clemente Island off the coast of California.  They were removed from the island several years ago and now are raised in small herds across North America.  They are deer-like, horned goats, often with supernumerary teats and most have a traditional SCI pattern on their coat which includes a dark saddle and dorsal stripe along with badger face stripes.  They are an endangered species and listed on The Livestock Conservancy's Conservation Priority List as Critical.

Why is registering my goat important?

Annual registrations of SCI goats are used in The Livestock Conservancy's determination of conservation status.  Additionally, it is a permanent record of the ownership of the goat.  Especially for an endangered breed, it is imperative to keep track of the individual animals and their genetics to keep as much diversity in the breed as we can.  Registered animals can have a proven pedigree based on original source documents that show their lineage.

What purpose do SCI goats serve?

SCI goats are multi-purpose animals.  They can be used for milk, meat, fiber, brush clearing, or pets.  They have several potential uses and are adaptable to whatever purpose a breeder would like to pursue.  

How can I get involved with raising SCI goats?

SCI International is working to help new breeders get established with starter herds.  Contact your Regional Director or a member of our Working Group and we will work with you to put together your very own starter herd!

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