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SCI Goat International

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Mission Statement

"The SCI Goat International Association exists to support SCI breeders by helping with communication, registration and coordination of projects by bringing SCI goat breeders together to preserve and save the breed."

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Thank you for visiting the SCI Goat International website. Our goal is to bring together the various SCI Goat communities, owners, and enthusiasts into one location. The SCI community is truly International. We have SCI goats in Canada and as far down as Texas and Florida. SCI International's goal is to bring the SCI community under one roof so that our collective efforts can be utilized for the greater good of the breed.

Below are the links to the three pillars of SCI Goat International: The Foundation, The Registration Page, and the Member Area.


The Foundation page is the fundraising and education forum for SCI International. It contains information about the breed, historical information, and the fundraising goals for the organization. The Foundation will begin fundraising in 2021. It is our hope to have funds available for research, transportation, emergency use, and education among other goals that members of SCI Goat International can access. The Foundation is also working on developing an online SCI Goat museum to enjoy and preserve the past work of many of the founders that are no longer with us.


Please contact Chad Wegener at with any questions regarding registration of SCI Goats.


The Member Area is for SCI Goat breeders and owners only. If you have an SCI Goat or are in the process of starting a herd, you can join the membership area. This area will bring together the SCI community to help grow, protect and sell the breed. The area will have a blog, a sale area, health section, and a list of known breeders and other invaluable information to help fellow SCI goat owners and breeders. 


The organization is founded by long time SCI goat breeders and owners. We have come together to save and grow the breed. It is our hope to provide future generations of SCI Goat breeders the tools to save the breed from extinction. The organization will consist of an Executive Board, an at large board of directions from regions throughout the United States and Canada, and members. 

Members can become board members through a regional election process, and board members can be voted onto the Executive Board. Please see our Bylaws for more information.

Please consider joining SCI Goat International today and be a part of the next great SCI Goat chapter.

Please click below to visit the three pillars of SCI Goat International.


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Featured Farms and SCI Goat Breeders


Mack Brin Farms

Ballston, NY

Mack Brin Farms sits on 56 pristine acres, land  that is comprised of both forest and open grassy fields. The farm is located near both Malta, Saratoga Springs and Burnt Hills New York.

Mack Brin Farms grows and produces pastured roaster chickens, free range brown eggs, pastured pork and heritage meat rabbits. The farm is excited to expand their horizons into new projects and hope to add new products to their farm. 
Mack Brin Farms is one of New York's only conservation breeders of the critically endangered San Clemente Island Goats. They sell both goat kids and starter herds to families and schools that are wanting to help bring this magnificent breed back from the edge of extinction. In addition, they also have wonderful pet Holland Lop bunnies for sale.  There are farm tours available most of the time. Please make an appointment before stopping by.


Willow Valley Farms, LLC
Gretna, NE

Willow Valley Farms, LLC, began in 2008.

You know the story about the chick or the egg? Well, Willow Valley Farms started with one fertile chicken egg and a small incubator in 2006 which morphed into goats in 2008. 

Willow Valley Farms started with two does from Elizabeth Graser Lindsey and a buck from Carol Van der Veen. As of 2021, the farm is home to the largest herd of SCI goats in the world.

PHHF 1.jpg

Porterville Hill Heritage Farm

We are a small family farm dedicated to raising heritage breed animals. Our Irish Dexter cows are a farm favorite due to their docile personalities. We work with each cow/calf on the farm and teach them to halter and how to be led. They love treats and our visitors love to feed treats. They are very spoiled cows! Our San Clemente Goats are beautiful, deer-like creatures that are very entertaining to watch and work with. We hope to have several babies this year to contribute to the recovery of the herd.

Amazing Sunset Farm.jpg

Amazing Sunset Farm

We started our farm in the foothills of Northern CA, getting a couple of goats to keep our 10 acres cleared while enjoying their wonderful personalities.  It didn’t take long (the potato chip analogy is true) to build up 4 different breeds and grow our herd to over 30.  We came across the San Clemente Island heritage goats and loved their gentle disposition and decided we wanted to contribute to building the endangered breed population.  We added them to our herd Mini Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, and Pygmies.

We are now located in the foothills of North Carolina and continue to refine our breeding lines.  We enjoy meeting new people, going to shows, kidding season, milking and using their milk, and most of all receiving their love….it is amazing therapy!

Soon we will be making and selling our goat milk soap and lotions.  Goat milk has amazing properties that are wonderful for your skin.

Please join today!

Membership is for SCI Goat owners and breeders only.  Members will have access to a distribution list of communications and the ability to chat with breeders from the website.

6902 S. 240th Street
Gretna, NE 68028


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